Friday, November 2, 2007


(The following post is explicit in nature and may not be suitable for young readers. If you are fewer than 18 years of age, please click here.)

A frightening discovery was made today at stately PFiRSN manor. A horror even more disturbing than J.D. Drew's contract terms. While incorporating books from The Great Pile into the bookcases, a copy of CHB's 1996 book "At Fenway" was found on one of the lower shelves of a bookcase located in the East Wing.

PFiRSN would like to assure it's reader(s) that the presence of this book is not an implied endorsement of the author, or of the book's content. The fact that the book is autographed by CHB should not imply that PFiRSN purchased the book and/or asked it's author to sign it. The book was given as a gift, at no cost to this blogger. The approximate value of the book is not in excess of $25, so this possession is not in violation of the Uniform Gifts to Bloggers Act (UGBA).

PFiRSN regrets any appearance of impropriety, and will dispose of the book in a timely manner.
PFiRSN will conduct a thorough, and immediate, inventory of all current possessions to ensure that a similar situation does not arise in the future.

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Anonymous said...

I admit, I am 32, but I clicked and it CRACKED me up!